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Announcment of my first game on indieDB, run your own medieval country in this epic command prompt-text based indie game made by one guy!

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Hallo Leute!

Are you ready for the most intense command prompt game you've ever played. I hope not, because my game isn't out yet....I just announced it.

That's right, my very first game here on indieDB has been announced today. This game is going to receive my full attention for the next few weeks/months. But you may not care really, what you want to know is the features in this game that make it a game.

Well, you basically run your own medieval kingdom in the land of Calroth, there you will grow your kingdom, hold tournaments, gain vassals, wage war, and pass on your quest of domination to your children if you cannot do so in your own life. Before that though, you'll need to have children and gain an heir. Do this by meeting with the ladies of the world and establish a wife. There is so much to do when running a kingdom, so make it the best damn kingdom out there.

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