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Time flies!

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Its already 15 years anniversary of Killing Floor!

15 years anniversary

The first version of Killing Floor mod was released in 2005, last days of summer. Since that also passed 15 years. My congratulations to respected creators of Killing Floor! Therefore I decided to release my mod's early alpha version as a tribute to that great mod and universe. But its a bit laggy and buggy, so I release it "as is". If you dont have collisions with models, just install Nvidia PhysX. Its not tested on Radeon videocards. If you have some suggestions, and ideas, please contact me :)

Killing Floor: Horzine Outbreak Alpha

Guest - - 687,512 comments

I didn't think that the kfmod community still exists and isn't extinct,anyway that good news,ill try this hl mod.

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

man, now I feel old ;(

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Sosoyer - - 96 comments

You are so cool! Paying no attention to anything, skipping demotivating statements like "You are making a project for a dead game, although it could be useful in better games", you have released a truly better project based on another game. Proof of this is an independent game created by the company in the amount of two parts. And although I didn’t know before that KF1 had a predecessor, when I saw what KF2 was, I realized that KF1 is much better and unreasonably unpopular, and why they play L4D is also incomprehensible to me. But when I found out about KFmod, even KF1 faded in comparison. Moreover, almost everything mod is better (except for the engine). Textures, concepts, atmosphere, sounds. And damn it 2005, it's just amazing how long ago
I want to personally thank you for what you have done. I hope you realize that a lot of things in the gaming industry, in principle, would not have happened if you had not made KFmod.
Good luck!
(Google translate)

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Merc- - - 356 comments

Greatest mod ever!

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