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Kill Fun Yeah Alpha 0.36 has been released. Hats!

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Some of what is new in this release:

  • Added hats that are awarded to players for placing first at certain leaderboards. Bronze hats are awarded for placing first during the previous day, silver hats for placing first during the previous week and gold hats for currently being the leading player of all time (updated every 10 minutes currently).
  • Added hat: Leader Tricorne (best player)
  • Added hat: Dunce Cap (worst player)
  • Added hat: Mining Helmet (most blocks destroyed)
  • Added hat: Murderer Ushanka (most kills)
  • Added hat: Capturer Cap (most F captures)
  • Added hat: Emo Haircut (most suicides)
  • Added 4 new music tracks by Andreas Krutholm.
  • Added client settings entry: MusicPlaylistShuffle
  • Added client settings entry: MusicPlaylistLoop
  • Added client command: /nexttrack (plays the next music track in the playlist)
  • Added client command: /prevtrack (plays the previous music track in the playlist)
  • Added client command: /shuffletracks (shuffles the playlist)
  • Added client command: /listtrack (shows playlist)
  • Added effect for local player spawning.
  • Added additional pages for player skins if needed.
  • Changed so that music is not specified by maps and users now have the ability to set up their own playlist in the settings menu. All valid .ogg files found in the AppData/Music directory will be availible, with the exception of files starting with an underscore.
  • Changed so that player win messages are no longer stored locally.
  • Changed start ammo for Improved Fly Zapper from 8 to 6.
  • Changed Improved Fly Zapper stun time from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Changed death effects a a bit for the better.
  • Fixed a bug where players would keep running when being zapped while under the Tryptanade influence.
  • Fixed so that all sound instances are always properly destroyed upon quitting to the game lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where a timer would be incorrectly reset when a burning player got hit by additional flames.
  • Fixed a bug with ESC not working properly when returning from a game.
  • Fixed a bug related to kicking and banning that could lead to crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that could make carried blocks become invalid when picking up new blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where sounds attached to players could keep playing after they left.
  • Fixed a bug where the client application could crash when a player was killed by a drain effect owned by a player who had quit.

I loled at the Emo Haircut prerequisite. Messed up but pretty funny XD

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