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This is to prevent complete shutdown of the mouse axis controls.

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Captain on Deck!

Pilots, I recently discovered an issue which, I believe, stems from the age of the game's engine and the way it's coded.

So, I have the game installed and ready to play on my PC and I decided to rerun it again. However, until this point, I used to play with V-Sync always enabled. This naturally limited my FPS to 60 - same as my monitor's refresh rate. When I disabled it everything seemed to run fine - I got as much as 1500+ FPS in the menu and constant 500+ FPS in-game. But as soon as I tried to rotate my fighter it wouldn't.

In fact, whenever I tried to use the mouse axis to do so it moved so slowly one could assume it didn't move at all. At first I thought it was a mouse sensitivity problem, joystick being enabled, etc. But it was none of those and I was at a loss. Then I suddenly realized what the cause was.

As ridiculous as it sounds - too high FPS. When I faced all the objects I had about 500 FPS and the fighter was semi-pilotable, but whenever I gazed at empty space my FPS (logically) would jump up to over 1000 and that's when the fighter would act as though its engines were running at less than 1% capacity. I didn't pay it much mind until I remembered that setting the minimum FPS too high using the console would result in literal slow motion.

I immediately exited the game and reactivated V-Sync, which fixed the issue at the cost of minor stuttering. So if you have the same problem all you need to do is either enable V-Sync or limit your in-game FPS in some other way.

That will be all. Dismissed!

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