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The Eclipse Origins game engine was just released on 3/29. We are just starting up but have a solid engine worth checking out!

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Just released!


Before we begin I would like to welcome you to Eclipse! If you are new, please take the time to register on our site and say hello in our introduction thread. Eclipse Origins is a windows based 2D MMORPG game creation suite. In a matter of minutes you can download Eclipse and be designing your own online RPG for you, your friends, and the whole world to play with no programming knowledge at all! We just released as of 3/29 so we are fairly new in the engine field and are most certainly worth checking out!


Eclipse Origins contains many features including (but not limited too)...

  • Full set of build in editors for easy content creation.
  • Easy to use client/server setup and connection.
  • Complete online system to play your game with others.
  • Simple but powerful interface for complete control over your game.
  • DirectX8 graphic engine for fast yet elegant in-game graphics. (Supports transparency/translucency)
  • A brand new community completely focused on game development and support.
  • Professional services to help get your game going such as server hosting! (optional)
  • Excellent developers that will keep the engine bug-free, optimized, and ahead of the game.
  • Fully featured event system to create in game characters, storyline and events without programming knowledge.
  • Easy user controls including mouse movement (with pathfinding).
  • Complete server control from client's admin menu which allows for player editing, ban management, remote server restart and more!
  • Powerful player housing system with click and drag furniture.
  • Zoning system where in-game maps are grouped together, npcs and weather are assigned and shared in the whole group of maps. Be careful the NPCs will chase you across multiple maps in a zone too!
  • Fullscreen!
  • Much, much, much more!


Thanks to the simple setup of IndieDB you can see our screenshots right in our gallery I will do my best to keep it up to date as we move forward!

Editors! Editors!
Demo Screenshots

Eclipse Origins 4.0
Eclipse Origins 4.0

Special Thanks

Obviously we want to thank IndieDB for being an awesome place to advertise our engine and try to gain more support! Be sure to check out our engine and for extra support with the engine, our, site, www.EclipseOrigins.com..

- The Eclipse Origins Development Team

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