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Come and join the new Stuart's Pixel Games Discord Server! It's a place to talk about gaming, game development, hear about games I'm working on, learn stuff or ask questions.

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Come and join the new Stuart’s Pixel Games Discord Server!

Join Here.

I’ve been wanting to create a community for Puzzledorf and Stuart’s Pixel Games for a while. Discord seemed an appropriate place. But then I thought, “Why not make it about Game Development too?” So that’s what I’m trying to create. It will likely evolve with time.

At the moment there channels for:

  • Game Development
  • General Chat
  • Different games I’m working on
  • Bug reports

I will potentially expand the channels as the server grows. For now, you can talk about anything game dev related in the game dev chat and I might expand it out into different disciplines later when there’s enough people wanting it.

I want the Discord Server not just to be about my games but to also compliment my blog’s tutorials and articles. I’ve got areas where I will be pinning various links for tutorials, tools and other resources I found helpful for game development. Hopefully others will chime in with their own links so everyone can grow.

And of course I will be sharing the latest developments on Puzzledorf, where I am currently working on console ports and some new puzzles in The Ruins update.

Ruins World 1 Concept Art

And there is that new RPG prototype that I’m working on (early prototype graphics below, focus is on mechanics at this moment – it will likely look more like Puzzledorf when it’s done). I will likely be sharing sneak peeks on Discord before anywhere else (and maybe Twitter).

So if you’d like a place to chill and chat about those things, learn something new or meet some like minds, come along and say hi. Bear in mind I’ve only just made it, it’s early days yet, but I’m sure we can get something great going.

Join Here.

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