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John's Mod 3 addons... and stuff... Hehehe heheh hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe hehehe

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* John's Mod News "

John's mod makes it easyer to have mods for gmod so stop being a flamming homo and respect that. And if gmod is a mod of HL2 then why cant i mod it since its not a legal mod anyway (gmod 9)

John's Mod is a mod of gmod with all the mods in it so you don't have to put them in yourself (mostly for noobs that don't understand). I have searched the web for mods to add to this game and found many. All of the mods work and i made some TINY modification's so that some mods don't mess up the game and make things not work like in jmod2 when the npc spawn wouldn't work because of gmod +. Now your all wondering where is Phoenix Storm? That mod will be added in the later versions of jmod because of its size and i sort of messed up on jmod 2 with it and took it out on jmod 3 because i didn't want to make the same mistake and mess the game up.
John's Mod 3 added mods...

1.Gmod 9 door mod
2.Prop Protection
3.primitive mechanics v4
4.Copy gun
5.Loader gun
6.Hover mod
7.Dod Sweps
9.gmod +
11.Phys Hands
12.Entity Command Suite
14.Team Fortress 2 Sweps (incomplete) I need to get tf2 first to put the files in jmod

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it doesnt show on my computer can you help me??

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