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New monster, new items many updates and fixes for January.

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We have been working hard this last weeks since the last updates and we have lots of stuff to show you guys before the end of January.

The grass has been updated to reduce artifacts when tree/monster is clipping with grass

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 23 16

Health, mana potions and gold has been added and you can pick them up now, they are highlighted with white pulsating text.

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 21 04Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 20 52Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 21 13

New monster borrog added

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 23 25

3 main spells has been add to archer: flare, xthingy(that is used to figh hoards of enemies) and lighting(for precision strikes).

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 22 12Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 24 49

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 21 39

Mushrooms will now use flare against you, so you shouldn't stand in one place

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 22 21

You can consume mushrooms from your inventory, some are poisonous, some can boost your stamina and some can heal you.

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 52 02

There are 3 camera modes: first person(for virtual reality), third person that can be freely adjusted, and a free camera where character runs to the mouse position.

Screenshot 2016 01 30 19 23 53

Here is the full development log:

10:18 AM 1/30/2016
strbuf_matrices in grass is fixed
improved quality of grass, reduced flickering of faraway objects
fixed grass camera
server bugging us because monsters are not getting properly released, sometimes for user as well(case, user connects, creates monsters, disconnects, connects again->bug)(but disconnect happens) - this happen because of the override bug! - that was a primary bug
EventSpells concept + index based spells concept for user ease to changing
make mushrooms send spells on us+monster that send flares with cetrain random interval
attack height fix for flare
next do monster flare while he waits
in free mode we should look at dest point[chara must look]
grass has wrong RTV problem
now character in free mode run to the mouse

10:44 AM 1/29/2016
reduce memory usage for server
deletion of the spell causes crash on actor update sometimes[and some sells got stuck!][we were using old system of actor adding]
dropped actor exists in DActors
if the spell is usable don't clear the field
lighting bolts and over stuff must unregister themselves after usage[after alpha went to 0]
let's start by dynamically add/remove spells thingy, we wrote details in evernote, but idea is the same drop actor! - we always create them once it's outside we delete it!
create one function to allocate flare, in user place we can have allocators for it!, alternative idea is to have only active one, others don't matter, we just create it!

5:05 PM 1/28/2016
boost attack added
multiple flare test idea added

12:31 PM 1/17/2016
alpha_soft configured and ready
add separate VS->PS for soft particles to produce better results!
fixed various problem with clipping for soft particles

10:42 AM 1/11/2016
soft particles is ready

10:22 AM 1/10/2016
started patching code to add nice soft sprites

10:08 AM 1/9/2016
cleanup client code a little

taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

awesome! watching :) looking forward to future updates

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