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Jake starts to walk. There's no idle animation but it's a start.

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Currently testing out Jake's walking animation. It's only three frames so it's not been too difficult to draw. It'll be a while until we really grind out the art on the game, but we couldn't resist making him walk first.

If you notice in the video there's some weird dude hanging on the ceiling who follows Jake's x-axis moves. This is the temple guardian that will follow Jake around trying to kill him. AI is very simple at the moment, where the monster checks if Jake's moved in every frame of the game. But it's great to see simple AI is easy to implement in code.

Also, we've changed the scale of the blocks so that they are smaller. The big problem we had was the uncertainty around the game's appearance across multiple devices. We found some config.lua file online that helped us a bunch, but the game, for whatever reason, looked overblown. By playing around with the scale property we've managed to make it smaller. Physics was also a pain and took a while to figure out. The image would change but the collision box didn't follow. This was solved by adjusting the "shape" property to whatever the image was scaled by.

Oh, and Jake is smaller now at 32 x 32 pixels. He's cuter and easier to draw that way.

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