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A brief introduction to the game and what to expect

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Some notes about the game:

  • Written in C++ using CodeBlocks and SFML graphics library
  • Playable map will consist of hexes viewed from a top-down perspective
  • Art will be basic 2D sprites
  • Seasons will be implemented, with Summer/Spring producing plentiful food, which should be stockpiled to survive the barren Winter
  • Weather patterns will affect the difficulty of surviving in certain environments
  • Water movement is implemented, with heavy rain causing water to pool in locations that were previously dry
  • Wild animals have their own needs and move around the map trying to stay alive
  • Dinosaurs and zombies, although completely historically inaccurate, may or may not be included

  • I have already done some work in my spare time, although it's at least a year from being completed enough for release into the wild. I did say completed enough, not polished enough, because I intend to keep working on it and adding features until I'm satisfied after I set it loose.

    I'll aim to post about once every two weeks initially and spend most of my time working on the actual game. I do have a full time job so progress may be slow, but this is something I've wanted to do for a while and it WILL be finished eventually!

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