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A fun way to promote community activity on the site. www.left4quake.net/forums

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So in an effort to make the site a bit more fun and to promote more activity I have installed a point/cash system into the site called RibCash.

What does is it for?
Well, while i have nothing at the moment, we were thinking anything from buying access to see special VIP sections of the forums, forum themes, titles, ranks, and possibly early releases or exclusive content.

How can I get RibCash?
You earn RibCash by:
•Posting Topics and/or Posts - Amount of RibCash you get depends on quality of your post or topic. Adding attachments and polls will add bonus points.
•Robbing other users - You can decide to rob other users of their hard earned RibCash, but theres only a small chance you will succeed and you will be penalized if you fail and lose a % of what you tried to steal and goes to the lottery.
•Lottery - Yes a lottery you can buy tickets (up to 5) for a chance to win the jackpot every 48 hours! Jackpot depends on how many tickets sold and robbery penalties have occurred. Lotteries can have NO winners, increasing the jackpot for the next time
•Transfers - You can send and receive RibCash to and from any user

But I don't want to get robbed!
Then you can store it in the Bank of Ribcaged, you even get interest! There are minimum deposits and withdraws, and costs 1 RibCash a month to keep your Bank Account running.

For a limited time Sign up on our forums and receive 50 RibCash instantly!


More information and RibCash related actions can be found by clicking on the RibCash link next to log out at the top of the forums page.

NOTICE: All aspects of RibCash are currently in trial period and are subject to any changes, including a reset if necessary.

Viikkis - - 54 comments

LoL mkay :D

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Desticurve - - 384 comments


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ceriux - - 1,514 comments

you should release a mapping kit, textures/how-to's, fgd... you might even attract a new mapper or two.

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Ghost_Fang Author
Ghost_Fang - - 825 comments

I've been really wanting to do that to be honest, I just haven't gotten things/them organized enough for me to feel like its worthy enough to release the kit. I might knock out a huge chunk of it this weekend.

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hogsy - - 619 comments

It would be a good idea to organise everything as if you were about to release it. For OpenKatana we have the source-code, mapping tools and documentation all organised into an SDK folder (the SDK folder reflects the game folder in its structure but of course contains the raw junk) which is submitted to our SVN repository within the games folder so that if anyone wants anything from there we don't need to clean it up and so it can be easily released with the project without modification.
This is assuming you guys are using a SVN repository for Left4Quake anyway...

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Ghost_Fang Author
Ghost_Fang - - 825 comments

We use Dropbox (which i prefer). And its definitely not clean right now haha. Alot of test and placeholders, disorganized, etc. Releasing the fgd and textures would be pointless without a release to support the new content. I'd have to hold off for now and release the mapping kit with the game.

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ArkaZeen - - 1,696 comments

Wut you get wih ribbies?

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