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Earth's Greatest Defender is a 2D boomer shooter with a focus on fast paced action, explosions, and user-created levels.

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Today I would like to introduce Earth's Greatest Defender, the project that I've been working on for almost a year now.

Earth's Greatest Defender takes everything that I love about boomer shooters: fast paced action, loud weapons, tons of explosions, and a lot of obliterated aliens, all with the rhythm of a metal soundtrack.
It is a game about shooting enemies in the most badass way possible.

The game features a familiar set of weapons: machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and freeze gun. While basic, the real power of those weapons is how you switch between them to adapt to every situation, and combine them with your trusty grappling hook.

Grappling Hook

grappling screenshot

Shooting aliens is fun, but doing it while flying around using the grappling hook is 1000% more badass. It is the real star of Earth's Greatest Defender.Grappling can be done on any part of the levels. You can use it to get the high ground, but you can also use it to move super fast and become an unstoppable alien-killing force.

But the best way to use the grappling hook is to grapple onto enemies to dominate them even more. Grappling onto an enemy ship to gain height before destroying it with a triple rocket and watching it fall down to the ground is as badass as it gets.

If shooting aliens isn't your thing (really, it should be), Earth's Greatest Defender will also include challenge levels, where the goal will be to use the grappling hook and other movement techniques to reach the final teleporter.

Built-in level editor

While building Earth's Greatest Defender, it quickly became clear that a proper level editor was needed to build a kick-ass campaign.So a lot of focus went into empowering both myself and players to easily create fun levels.

The level editor features basic functionality like defining the structure of a level, enemy spawn positions, but it also includes a more complex scripting system, allowing anyone to build fun levels.

The game will feature a community section where all the cool user-created levels will live.

Release date?

While the game isn't fully finished yet, I believe it's ready to be shown to whoever wants to try it.

You can play it at Egd.tap2play.io (no download required), however please consider it to be in early access. There may be bugs and missing features, but any constructive feedback is welcome!

If creating levels is your thing, the level editor is completely accessible from the main menu. I use the exact same tool to make the main campaign's levels.

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