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First post describing what Zelion is going to be and what I have now

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Hey Everyone!

This is the first post for my Zelion project. Zelion is a text based adventure game along the lines of the Zorks of old. Except I am going to use modern gaming mechanics and other features the bring those old games in to the 21st centaury.

The first and main mechanic I am adding is a save system to compliment the longer game length that is allowed by the larger drives and processing power we have today.

Further an in-depth combat system, including combat equipment and abilities along with spells that can be used in and out of combat.

The next is online networking for multiplayer battles and other online interactions, currently working on a online tournament for players.

On the note of the more technical details, The entire game is coded in the C# language and the game is in the windows CMD. Currently it will run on basically any x86 CPU running windows 10, with 35 MegaBytes or more free memory.

So yeah, on a final note I'm super excited about this game and I hope you guys will love it too.

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