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Custom Animation Files, Animation Caching and Animation Cloning, Object Caching and Object Cloning, Graphics Settings, Sword Weapon, External Game Object Definitions

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Some very important updates have been rolled out to the internal build.

Custom Animation Files, these external files allow us to customize and tweak our animations frame by frame. They also allow for multiple sprites per frame.

Animation Caching and Animation Cloning which should reduce the memory footprint of the game and speed up animation loading.

Object Caching and Object Cloning which means levels will load faster and there shouldn't be any hanging mid-game when you are trying to instantiate objects... i.e. the bomb.

Graphics Settings, there is also a new settings file, Graphics_Settings.ini, you can set your screen resolution and window/fullscreen mode.

Sword Weapon, a new weapon to play with... a sword. Has 3 attacks, a 4-hit combo, an up slash, and and downward slam. You can use the up slash as a jump extension which opens new puzzle possibilities.

And finally... the big part...

External Game Object Definitions, ALL game objects have been moved to and are now being loaded from external object scripts found within "../Data/GameObjects/" this will allow the designers working on the project to a.) Create new game objects with existing components, b.) Edit/Tweak already existing ones, say they want to change the particle system of one, or add another particle system... they can. c.) love me tenderly.

Still left to do in the project...

- Edit the menu so that it works properly on ANY resolution.
- The In-Game Options.
- Small Cut-scene and dialogue system.
- The pistol weapon.
- Boss fight scripting T_T (This is gonna be a tough one to do, I just know it).

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