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Post news RSS Instancing and bugfixing (v9 Update)!

This update contains some fixes for bugs what was reported by community. Also 1 thing what i forgot to finish and 1 big feature. Check details below.

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Gender-based equipment restrictions

From now males can not wear female equipment and vice versa. Why? When did you saw in real life that man is wearing female robes (yea, there are few exceptions, but...)?

Have true white lights

In before versions, there wasn´t posssibility of making plain-white lights. Why? There was little bug with sending and receiving data, so from RGB it was counting only R and G and not B. But now, everything is fine.

Map Instancing

Now you can make instances for your maps. It is simple, just make warp tile and check []Instanced. Then set map what will be copied and position on what will player spawn after creation of instanced map.

With this you can easily make party-only dungeons free from other players or 1-player only maps, where player wont see ANY other players.

Make singleplayer-like quests where player will be traveling through empty areas without any life. This is just my example, you can create many interesting things with instancing.


• Major fix to map data (Data4 was never loaded). This will also fix Map Lights
• Added instanced maps
• Fixed RTE when adding quests to event system
• Added gender requirement to helmets, armors and shields. Now when your gender do not matches equipment gender, you wont be able to equip it.
• Fixed bug what caused to on attack event still triggered when player walked over it


Prospekt Developer Edition Closed Source v9: Download from Dropbox

sunnder - - 10 comments

Looks great! Would love to see a gameplay video sometime. :)

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violentdev - - 417 comments

Gameplay video would be nice. Nice work so far.

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_deathbeam Author
_deathbeam - - 26 comments

Do you guys know that this is Game Engine, not Game? :D

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Guest - - 699,640 comments

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Guest - - 699,640 comments

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