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Don't get down in the dumps, the view count on your latest trailer may be wrong.

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I helped to recently release a new trailer for upcoming Indie title Organic Panic

As the afternoon progressed, I noticed the hit count remained inexplicably low. Despite receiving over 300 views on Facebook, another 120 on IndieDB and having sent the video out to over 100 PR contacts, the number of views on YouTube was only 75.

I then remember how complicated YouTube is and how seriously they evaluate each and every view.

These are some of the reasons (with reliable sources) view counts, including on your own videos, may actually be higher than displayed.

Views from 3rd party website i.e. Facebook, Twitter, IndieDB may not count.

Views may not have passed the validation process setup by Google on behalf of its advertisers

The view count is delayed

The number of views is stuck at around 300

I hope this helps to raise the spirits of other developers who base their happiness on their popularity.

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