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Info about Assault Knights: Reign of Steel.

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Hello everyone,
I would like to take a moment and tell every one what this game is about..
Assault Knights: Reign of Steel (AK:RoS or AK for short) is a combined arms mech game, with alot of elements that is alot like Battle Tech and the Mech Warrior game franchise. (Meaning locational damage to the mechs and such.) Combined arms means mechs wont be the only ruler's of the battlefield though.. This game is probably the only one out there (Besides other MechWarrior type mods, Like Mech Warrior Liveing Legends) to give the player the ability to take the role and drive just about any type of vehicle in our game's universe.

Assault Knights is being developed on the Neo Axis game engine as for right now, but talks are underway after the demo is finished to port the game to the Unreal Engine, which has been made free..

Assault Knights is in any way a game mod of any kind, It is being developed on a game engine which has the power to do what we want..

Future plans are remained to be seen weather or not we will be going to the Unreal Engine, or staying on the Neo Axis engine.. But for now the game is being developed souly on the Neo Axis engine.

We will be adding more infomation and new downloads of the game as we continue to develop it.
Currently we are porting the game code to Neo Axis .83. And when that is finished, we will post the new version of the game here..

Currently as of right now, the game has no kind of single player campain, Though it does have one map with AI that you can fight against, The alpha demo comes with currently 6 maps though. And more on the way.. We are currently fixing problems with the demo, but it is playable.

You are welcome to try the game, and download it either from here,
or on our website.


You may also visit our forums to learn more about the game.


And ask us questions, or post your own thoughts about the game.
You can also view many pictures of the game in our gallary here.


We hope you all will join us and look at our site. Every one is welcome there.
Thank You.

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