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This current update will have some information about the current multiplayer modification status and also some other notices we thought we should let you know about.

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This current update will have some information about the current multiplayer modification status and also some other notices we thought we should let you know about.

Current Status

You may have noticed over the past few weeks more and more videos and images of trailers, we would like to let you know that we have in fact got trailers working ingame, you can get a trailer hooked up to your truck and drive it around! Collisions are also now enabled so that if Person A tries to drive into Person B, Person A will get a damaged truck.

Planned Updates!

Trailers are currently still having some work done, such as sync updates and other small updates to bring the entire thing up to completion in that sector. There are also many planned features to come that are current either in development or are going to be in development very soon, these include name tags to help identify other drivers and also an ingame chat to allow you to message and make friends through Europe!

General Notices

You may have noticed life returning to the Mod DB page, we have set a few of our testers the job of maintaining the page by keeping all questions answered and also publishing pictures from some of the closed tests, so come take a gander:www.moddb.com/mods/euro-truck-simulator-2-multiplayer

Thank you for reading.
Happy Trucking!

TyXo - - 636 comments

You guys are kinda realising one of my dreams :P
Back from the early days of 18 Wheels of steel, I dreamed of multiplayer.
Thanks. It is looking great and promising.

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Guest - - 696,145 comments

Sweet, hope to see the mod released soon. Thank you!

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Jhonny44 - - 318 comments

This looks really awesome! But I was wondering something for actually quite a while now.. in the videos the person driving the Truck sees the truck driving like in Single player. But when you are looking at the other trucks they appear to be stuttering a lot and also accelerating and decelerating seems ''fake'' for the lack of a better word. Is this because some of you guys don't have very fast internet connections or is it because this mod is still in it's early phases and you guys want firstly all the features in the mod like tags and trailers before trying to solve that problem? Don't get me wrong, I love this mod, but I was just wondering:) Keep up the good work guys!!

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RootKiller_PL Author
RootKiller_PL - - 28 comments

Lag reduction code is just not ready yet. We are still working on it. ~RootKiller (Lead Developer)

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StevetheHunter20 - - 26 comments

This looks fantastic, can't wait for release! Keep up the good work!

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dbs-mac-crafter - - 3 comments

A really cool thing, but what about the rest and why are the vehicles with the players, "Invisible", or better said by mobile?

Can we take another player in his own company and with this advance the company? (How about there payment, fixed price per trip and price per km / mile)

Other (opponents (players Company)) companies with which we compete or even be able to drive without a company behind a?

Does the multiplayer on any server or on the computer and was going to the server when the host verlässe the game?

If these questions were all answered it would be as good as Perfect!

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dimonz222 - - 2 comments

W trybie multiplayer, będzie boty?

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13D00 - - 7 comments

found a bug when someone stopped in a non collision zone, I tried to drive trough him as he blocked the whole road, but I got still damage... HOW?

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