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Pay what you want for 'P-3 Biotic', with beat-the-average bonuses. 10% of all sales will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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The featured game for February 25 - 28 is here! Get it now!

Game: P-3 Biotic
Developer: BatCat Games
DRM: Desura, DRM-Free
Platforms: Windows

Featured Charity: Electronic Frontier Foundation
10% of all sales generated by this deal will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Game Description:
"P-3 Biotic is an intense twin-stick shooter featuring advanced real-time lighting and gorgeous particle effects. Pilot the MK4s nano-ship inside a petri dish against 14 waves of infectious bacteria as they attempt to destroy the Nucleus, a bio-engineered organism growing at the center of the dish."

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Beat the average and get:

  • Awesome P-3 Biotic soundtrack.

Good post - I played P-3 and found it to be a nice break from the usual genres I play.

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I'm a longtime fan of dual stick shooters, so I bought this on the spot. I can tell I'll get some kicks out of it just from the screenshots.

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