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Hold on to your hats... the 2016 search for the crowd favorites have begun! Time to vote for the 2016 Indie of the Year.

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Indie of the Year Awards

Welcome to the 2016 Indie of the Year awards, a chance for everyone to vote for the games that brought us joy this year. For the next 30 days your votes are going to decide this years winner in the best upcoming and released categories. We shall also share our Editors Choice picks at the end of the December. Here is how it works.

Phase 1 - Nominations Begin

For the next 10 days, every indie game (see our year in review) on the site has a voting booth. Just click the big "vote now" button to show your love for your favorite games.

Phase 2 - The TOP 100

After nominations have been tallied, the TOP 100 will be unveiled on the 11th of December and a final round of voting begins for 10 days to determine the 2016 victor.

Phase 3 - Indie of the Year 2016 Revealed

Cue the drumroll, because the wait has ended and around Christmas we are going to start announcing the 2016 winners.

  • Editors Choice Award Release 22nd December
  • Players Choice Unreleased Release 27th December
  • Players Choice Indie of the Year Released 29th of December


Every member from the community who votes, has a chance to win a game from our #modlove collection. The more you participate, promote the awards and encourage your friends to vote the better your chance. In addition to this the winning indie teams will be heavily promoted across our network, get the prestigious honor of being able to include the award badge in their media releases and Steam profile, receive a pewter pocketwatch and possibly a Houdini Indie licence.

Good luck, get voting, feel free to utilize our promotional tools and may the best game win!


Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective has been created to act as a service provider for indie developers, either through helping to build community, helping to raise funds via Kickstarter, or with support for releasing games. Regardless of which services we work with you on, you will always retain your own IP, as well as creative control over your projects – and at each stage it’s up to you if you want to continue to work with us in the future.

Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Awesome. Good luck to all participants!

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viedt-el - - 17 comments

Super stoked!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LunarCoreGames - - 9 comments

Good luck everyone!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DaveLV - - 8 comments

How many times can i vote?

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Plokite_Wolf - - 374 comments

In the first phase (until 11 December), you vote for as many mods/indies/apps/VR games as you want.

In the second phase, you vote only for those who reach the Top 100 (but there's no limit on how many among them you can vote).

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dizco - - 20 comments

Good luck Everybody!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
VisualPath - - 10 comments

Good luck to everyone. Hopefully we have our chances :)

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RomaHassanih - - 37 comments

Great! Good Luck People! =)

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Ofihombre - - 392 comments

Is this competition, it's sponsored by a section of Square Enix? Go, go, the company that makes the Final Fantasy games. And in modDB, it's sponsored by SEGA, the company of Sonic the Hedgehog. Does it mean that these competitions are bribed by the big companies?
Moving on, it's a trap to win the games of previous years (if they are complete) and it's logical to vote more for games made for the corresponding year.

Another thing also unfair, is that some games have a terrible distribution between visits and downloads during that period, ie: in a few hours they give you as 100 visits, but doesn't reach more than 3 or 4 downloads, or perhaps nothing by the Lack of real interest or simply don't know how to vote or doesn't watch gameplays.
It has happened to me twice with several of my games: Indiedb.com

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ZeroAffex - - 2 comments

Thank you so much. I am new to this site and new to PC gaming. I have come to love Indie games, the people who make them and the communities. I wish I could play every Indie game out there and as I know the people behind them work so hard. This promotion is really cool to get fans involved and get Indie companies the spot light they deserve. Already found a dozen games I missed that are now in my Steam cart! This site as a whole is great, highlight of my terrible day honestly. Definitely my new favorite website! Wish I knew about it sooner. Really appreciate everything you guys are doing. Keep it up! Good luck to everyone! I know I'll need it! haha!


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Bahototh - - 16 comments

This is a thriller! Good luck to everyone.

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martrixe - - 6 comments

I love this site because is a window to the indie games

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