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New clothing is being worked on for Nin Online! We're adding a lot of inspire clothing from Naruto.

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Keijin's Small Update

Hey everyone, Keijin here. :P

There's a topic I'd like to address, though while I'm at it why not show some soon to be accessible content; So this is just a small little update about some of the paper dolls/clothing in game.

So here's what I've been working on recently. Keep in mind that not all clothing will be in shop's, some may only be obtainable as prizes from Events.


56c370b73aaca_TemariRobe.png.d5193fca853 Temari Robe - Post time-skip

56c370b7bb8e5_Sound6Robe.png.18d22f4713aSound 6 Robe

BrownJacket.png.cce2b14911f453e8e05a4a6a Generic Brown Jacket (will also come in different colors)

SandMedicalClothing.png.b4ded5d4082a0557 Sand Village Medical Clothing - There are 4 separate overlays here. (Hat, Mask, Apron, Shirt)


KimonoShirt_F.png.1fb2cd03fc064e0123299c Blue Kimono (will also come in different colors)

ChildGaaraGarment.png.3d370003b0e18c4961 Child Gaara Garment (I'm not really sure what this is called)

56c372f8d4a48_Pre-TimeSkipTemariRobe.png Temari Robe - Pre time-skip

Feel free to comment and critique all of the above

Also regarding the topic, @Rory recently has pointed out that almost everyone wears the generic robes in-game; and many responded with "add more cloths"

So if you guys have any suggestions to generic clothing that you would like to see in-game leave a comment and if you have one, provide a link to what the clothing is.

If we find it suitable, you just mind see it in game. ;)

~ Keijin

Kunixx - - 20 comments

is the website down or is my account banned or something what happened?

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Itauki Author
Itauki - - 13 comments

Maintenance, it is up now.

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