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We are proud to present you the nearly finished user interface. Completely created with Blender and Inkscape, programmed and rendered with our own engine for Just Hot Air.

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Games designed to be played with touch input should have a special user interface with easy to hit buttons and straight color scheme. There is a clear expectation for a game like this and we want to make the user experience as smooth as possible. All menus and interfaces scale great from 5:4 up to 21:9 aspect ratio screens.

First screen which appears after starting the game is a simple start screen. It explodes like a balloon after tapping or clicking on it.

User Interface

Beneath the start screen ist the single player menu. It is designed like other menus for mobile games to create an intuitive handling.

User Interface

Another menu enables you to adjust the settings to fit your taste and hardware. It is fully available on computer, tablet and even phone.

User Interface

Ingame there are information about current score (top) and left kicks (bottom-right) on the screen. More information about the score in the upcoming video.

User Interface

In addition, there is a ingame menu for restarting the level or going back to single player menu.

User Interface

Still working every day on gameplay and finishing user interfaces.

Stay tuned and please like our game on facebook!
- Andre, Micha and Raphael

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