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IG Arena, new name a new UI to the game for a fresh playing experience. New story, more characters to be added to give players a good experience and journey on the arena.

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IG Arena

Genre: Arcade, Action, Strategy

We are pleased to announced our game renamed - IG Arena‚Äč

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The game is free to play, you can DOWNLOAD HERE

Apple App Store: Apple.co
Google Play Store : Bit.ly

IG Arena is based on the story of the three realms of Heaven, Mortal and Hell during chaotic period and the king of each realm craved for a throne that could dominate the 3 worlds. Their greed ad desire led to endless epic wars. Join the kings on their epic battles to conquer the world. Discover the ancient world and travel around the wide arena where the magic, mighty and sacred forces meet one another. Unlock places and discover precious treasure.

Legendary heroes and immortal gods, with their iconic skill sets and elements, will help you advance your journey ahead. Optimise their skills and abilities as you assembly your squad. With strategic formation and gear, you can definitely defeat even the most powerful . Each successful battle promises rewards that you can use to level up your heroes and equip them with better gear.

IG Arena allows players to advance the game idly and earn EXP and GOLD even when they are away. Simply check back to level up your favourite heroes and lead them to battle. There is no need to command the heroes on how to fight, for they are smart and capable of finding and destroying their opponents automatically.

Players need not have to fight alone – join clans, allies with players and fight with players in other clans and win greater rewards. Strong and brave players can seek out their personal glories with their legendary ranking in the South of Legends.

Key Features:

  • Unique stories of the 3 realms (Heaven, Mortal and Hell), unleash legendary heroes and immortal gods into battles using their iconic skills to fight against opponents.
  • The battle system integrates unique element interaction based on the 5 elements theory (Fire, Water, Earth, Wood or Metal) from ancient Taoism which allows you to combine your heroes’ powers further as well as crippling enemy even before the battle begins.
  • Form Strategic team with 5 heroes at any of the 10 positions in the battlefield. In such you will have many ways to set up your team formation strategically
  • Discover magical mysteries in the wide and beautiful IG Arena world
  • Train and level up heroes automatically, no need hours of commitment on the game.
  • Able to earn rewards even when in idle mode
  • Earn EXP and coins from each victory in battles, can be used to upgrade heroes and travel deeper into IG Arena world
  • Never fight alone, gather up in your clan to fight massive bosses, co-operation is the only way to travel to the destination

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