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the game will be updated but without articles....

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The game has been updating but has not given notice that it has done, since I do not want to take a chance and make Nintendo hear or something like that haha

Many new things are being added to the New BETA II, such as the World 9,10,11 and 12, more and more enemies and several new powerups like 2 Yoshis as well.and the difficulties were added and also renewed the map.

Among the new powerups will be the Mushrock (Rock Mushroom from Mario Galaxy 2), the supercrown, super acorn and a new power called Slow-Fire Flower.

This last one has a quite strong Skill. Like the common Fire Flower, it throws a fireball, only that it is blue and floats as it walks a little slow, when it makes contact with an enemy or wall it will explode.

Its appearance is smaller the fire flower, blue, and its flower is shaped like a drop.

The Map will be more orderly and comfortable + Concept

For the Next Version I have been thinking of ordering the Map more, putting them in a row. I feel very messy, map 8 is above 2 and 2 is next to 4, I think about making them a little smaller and in row, it will give me more space I guess. what do they say?


it would look more like that, I made the drawing myself haha

It would take nothing to do it and it will be easier for me to finish the Game with a map like that, I would start making the worlds that I am missing(world 9,10,11 and 12).

and I am sorry if I have been delayed in upload new information about the game, it is that I have been very busy with classes and all that, I am adding several new enemies to the Game and extending and renewing a couple more levels.


Like the music has been added new. for now I am only improving sprites, backgrounds and substituting soundtracks. I have not yet begun to create Worlds 9, 10, 11 and 12.

I want to first solve the Save Error since it is the one that has cost me the most.

When I find a way to solve that error I will start the creation of those maps, in the meantime I will only get updates from BETA I.1.

Among the new enemies that I have thought will be:



Violent and Rebel Toads

Putrid Piranha

Big Ninji

Big Goomba

Inky Piranha Plant

Piranha Creeper(I don't know if I really put it)


Super Poison Mushroom

Among others...

If you offer help I gladly accept it, of course depending

All New Screenshots:

I hope you like it and please follow the game and share it! :D

I will not give more information until further notice.


Can you include Pookas and Fygars from Dig Dug into this game as enemies too?

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