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Ichigo finished and release. Plus some light experiments...

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Mixing Non-DBZ characters into the game always is tricky - on one side we do want the chars to fit into LBZ, on the other we do not want to forget about their source.
Ichigos moves are aiming for close combat, three of them (2+D, 1+2, DRLK) are mostly to bring him close to the enemy, the other moves are kinda weak unless you gain a 4x or better combo (which is easiest to get with melee).
And with 5 transformations, he is also the most changeing character in the game.


Shikai (normal)
Bankai (standard transformation)
Vizard (kaoken)
Hollow Bankai(Transformation when power reaches god-level)
Hollow Shikai (Transformation back after turning hollow)
-->nice idea from the BleachLemmingsteam

2 - GetsugaTensho
2+U A nameless big ball (and the only move we can not explain using source material)
2+D Ichi tosses his sowrd and rushes after it to catch it at the point of impact
1+2 QuickGetsu
DRLK Kendo mode (improved melee ability)
1+2+4x+hollow: LightOfTheNight (its huge)

Further you might find that some levels now have shifting lights - tell us if they annoy you, we are currently experimenting with those to see what happens. (Also look at the red sun level!)

Share and enjoy!

Wolf0x - - 437 comments

Great, thanks guys will have a play now

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Lightningy - - 92 comments

my fav char to use on multiplay. good job guys

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