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Learn how to play Turba! This article covers everything you need to know in order to start playing the beta: Block matching, game modes, and power-ups!

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The Basics

Blocks are the main object that you interact with throughout the game. A normal block can be one of 4 colors (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow). The blocks will spawn onto the board differently depending on what game mode is played. Blocks can be selected at any time just by clicking on them.

If three or more of the same colored block are selected then they become a combo. Once a combo is selected, it can be cleared for points. One combo per color is allowed before they need to be cleared. A combo can be as big or small as you want it to be, but remember that larger combos produce bigger scores. If an incorrect combo is cleared then all selected blocks will be deactivated, preventing them from being in a combo again.

Game Modes


In Freeplay Mode, the bottom row of blocks will clear after 5 and 2 beats on Moderate and Intense, respectively. If Casual difficulty is selected, the bottom row will only be cleared if the player chooses, either by pressing Q or scrolling the mouse wheel down. The blocks in this mode are randomly generated and thus are different each time for a specific song.


In Ascend mode, blocks will spawn into the board with each beat, 1, 2, or 3 at a time depending on difficulty. If the blocks fill the entire screen, the game will be failed. Two columns can be switched at any point during this game via the Tab key. The blocks in this mode are based off the song, so each specific song will play out the same way each time.



Ten random blocks will become "wild cards", these wildcards can be turned into any of the 4 normal blocks.(Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

Row Swap (Unique to Freeplay)

Upon activation, the player has 10 seconds to swap as many rows as they choose. After the 10 seconds is up, the player will be granted 2 row swaps that can be used at any time.

Block Bank (Unique to Ascend)

When activated, the blocks that would normally spawn on the board are taken and put into a bank. This occurs for 5 seconds. At any point the player may take the topmost block from the bank and place it anywhere on the board. The block can replace another block, or it can be dropped on top of the board.

PhyOS - - 233 comments

Looks great, downloading the game.

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nazfalas - - 541 comments

Reaally nice game! I'm a huge Audiosurf fan so this is perfect for me. :) (regarding the fact that you play music)
But you should work on the "beat recognition". I played some metal songs with really strong use of bass drums and the game was painfully slow. (even on "Intense")

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MrChocolateBear Author
MrChocolateBear - - 68 comments

Thanks for the feedback nf1n1ty! Any songs you recommend we try out to test ourselves? ;)

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nazfalas - - 541 comments

uhm...something widely available...
Everything by In Flames for example.
But bands/songs I was referring to:
Neaera, Maintain, Heaven Shall Burn, Misery Speaks, Misery Signals

Specific songs:
Neaera - Prey to Anguish
Maintain - Havoc
Before the Dawn - Dying Sun

The beats are just off somehow. Every time I remove blocks and think I hit them at the right moment the beat is only recognized about half a second later.

On the other hand:
Artists like Celldweller, Pendulum, The Chemical Brothers, etc. were a blast to play!
I noticed rock songs with higher tones also work quite well.

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nazfalas - - 541 comments

oh btw...just send a PM if you need more information.

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JDelong - - 2 comments

Thanks for the specific list. One of the bigger problems we've had as far as the music goes is what to do with long sections of elevated frequency, like thrashing sections in metal songs as an example. It is hard to distinguish what is actually a "beat". There is a longer delay thrown in there so there aren't a ridiculous amount of false beats. Doing that makes it trigger at wrong times though like you were probably experiencing. I'll do whatever I can to at least make it a little better :D. I'm glad you enjoyed a lot of songs though.

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