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This mod is a tie-in companion to the novel "Of those in the Background World" and serves as a prequel with an original storyline.

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Hello there everyone

I just want to ask a question.

How do you want the ending of the game to be as in the level design? Do you all want it to be like a boss battle or a normal map? I'm asking this as I have placed a boss battle in the middle of the game so having an end boss would be weird since there is a boss in the middle of the game. The second half of the game is more about escaping a space ship. Do tell me what are your thoughts!

I am also looking for anyone that would like to design one of the maps. Me alone simply cannot make such good maps!

In other news: The game is about 90% complete with 15 levels. I also feel a bit tired working on this mod and it has been like putting a toll on me but I will finish it! Don't worry! I will probably release the entire full game before the end of the year but no promises!

Also I would love it if you could purchase the book "Of those in the background world"! Do support the author!

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