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Have any ideas on how we could make Tactics a better game? Leave your thoughts below. We'll do our best to implement any great ideas we get!

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How can we improve?

We're continuously updating Tactics to make sure it stays as entertaining as possible for our players. In order to make sure that we're making the right changes / the changes that EVERYONE wants to see we need feedback! If you haven't played the game already you can play for free either on an android device or through any web browser.

Where can I post feedback?

You can tell us what you think about the game and what we can do to improve by either heading over to our forums, telling us through here or by contacting us through our social media accounts! We keep a constant eye on all of those platforms and make sure that they're updated on a regular basis, so you should have no problems contacting us.

How can I help support?

Year 0 Tactics is currently running for "Indie of the week". If you'd like to help support simply click on this link and look for "Year 0 Tactics" in the list of games.

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