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Updates for the comic book MMORPG "Heroes and Villains".

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To mark the 9th anniversary of the launch of “City of Heroes”, the game that inspired “Heroes and Villains” as its spiritual successor, we’ve made a number of updates, including a full revamp of the official “Heroes and Villains” website and forums ( www.heroes-and-villains.com), posted our first official screenshot ( Tinyurl.com) and launched the very first teaser trailer for the game ( Youtube.com).

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Although Titan City is the focus for the game at launch and beyond, we’re also aiming to add some areas outside the city at launch to help give players an idea of the gigantic scope of the game world that we’re creating, and one of those areas is the Hanging Gardens, a section of the almost limitless expanse of the Antiverse that lies in the space between the countless realities of the Multiverse.


This is an area that’s been in development for a while now, and even though it still needs further texture and lighting passes and optimization, it’s advanced enough in production for screenshot to be able to give you a basic idea of its general look and feel, especially its gravity-defying structure, bizarre vegetation and overall dream-like atmosphere, all of which help to make a strong contrast to the familiar reality of Titan City.

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