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Wraithaven Games, enter center stage. Wraithaven Games is fairly new to the scene, but we are far from armature. With years of experience in coding, art design, story telling, and more, we are here to design indie games, the right way.

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Hello everyone.

I represent Wraithaven Games, and am here to introduce our indie game development company to the scene. Wraithaven Games is fairly new to publishing games, and at the moment has no current games available for release. However, that will change very shortly, as progress on our current game, Reflect, rockets along.

Indie game recently have been really dropping in quality. Designs are made in a few days, maybe a week tops, and called done. People are spending their time design remakes and spin offs of other games to try look cool. That's not what indie games are about. Indie games are about giving the tools to individuals to pour their heart and soul in creation, mix their emotions in, and tell their story from the very beginning. To build something with the sole intent of designing a great game with their own hands, their own hearts and minds.

Here at Wraithaven Games, we are here to bring back that ideal, and design high quality games, that are fun and addicting. We are here produce games. Games people will remember. We highly support the indie game community, and promote individuals who seek to design great games. The power to create is in our hands, as a community, we can do this!

Now go out there, and make some awesome games!

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