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In this article i talk about the mod Hello Mixed Neighbor finally returning!

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On September 24 2018 i uploaded the Demo for act 1 of Hello Mixed Neighbor...after that there was a video showing gameplay of the finished version of act 1...but then nothing else was posted...that was because i have a lot of mods in the works right now..and i had no time for Hello Mixed Neighbor...But i knew one thing...i wanted to change the what the mod was about....The old mod was going to have 3 acts that mix alphas and the prototype, concept art and the full game of Hello Neighbor...The new version of the mod will be the same except this time all of that will be in one house..and one level. I was working on a new demo for the new version...but i lost the map. So for now..i will be posting any new screenshots i make for the new version!

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