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Post news RSS Happy New Year + New Vid + My Birthday! ;-)

Hello fellow Space Travellers! This news is about the freshly uploaded video, the new year and my birthday - woohoo!

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To be honest, my birthday is not very important. You know that, I know that, everyone knows it - BUT (and you will comply in that) a much more interesting news is, that a new year has just started - what a surprise! And to make it even better, I've just uploaded a new video of the current protoype. Have a look in the video section of this site.

This video shows you an orbital space flight from the view of a pilot - more or less - it's a 3rd person view but gives cool insight into how AI is acting in a space fight. There are still some flaws which appeared when doing that capture which will be fixed when time is ready.

There is also a lot of room for graphical improvements. A more realistic lighting would be very cool and we need to see how much of that is possible without burning the hardware, but there are a few ideas around how we can accomplish that - let's see how this will turn out in the end.

The current year will be very exciting for Age of Asteroids and hopefully you will come with us on this way - you're welcome!

Hopefully you enjoy the video and also have an awesome new year!

HenryT77 - - 501 comments

Happy birthday!

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Spelle - - 17 comments

Agree with Henry, Happy birthday! Video demonstrates very enjoyable concept. In what engine are you doing it?

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reiti.net Author
reiti.net - - 34 comments

I actually didn't expect to see birthday wishes here :-D Thanks anyway!

This engine is mostly custom build atm just relying on some basic features of XNA. This is mostly because of the way I can optimize different tasks and - lets see how far I can go with that :-)

Right in the moment I am playing around with incooperating bump mapping on the asteroids .. not satisfied yet.

Also I plan to do more work with the dynamic lighting, as you can see all the explosions and lasers do not reflect on the surface. I have an idea how to accomplish that, but need to play around with that first. Will provide videos, as soon as I have something to show

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Spelle - - 17 comments

Great, keep us updated :)

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