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Test your guessing skills with a brand new game mechanic and lots of new brushes and upgrades.

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Guess what's in the picture by observing a few details. A fun game for you and your friends to play!

You reveal pictures by swiping your finger across the screen.Guess what's in the picture by observing a few details.Less cleared area means more points and stars!
Over 300 pictures to discover,all well categorised such as general artworks,flags,places,animals,brands,personas and many more to come. Win points and use them for upgrades,hints and unblock many features.
Enjoy a simple yet challenging game.

This indicates the used currency for the upgrades. You get a maximum of 300$ per level. When you swipe your finger to clear a zone will slowly consume your 300$.
You can use a total of 3 upgrades/level. Once bought you get 3 free uses/level.
Upgrade Details:

Punch the screen an reveal a bigger area
Price:150$ | Power:n/a

A spaceship will fly on the screen and will shoot 3 random lasers that will clear picture on their path.
Price:250$ | Power:n/a

Rain will pour down and random raindrops will reveal picture when they splash.
Price:300$ | Power:n/a

A cat will start scratching the screen and uncover picture from the scratches.
Price:400$ | Power:n/a


5 targets will be randomly placed on the screen. You need to tap all of them as fast as you can for a bigger picture clearing.
Price:450$ | Power:n/a

Will create a fireball that will explode on a selected area.
Price:500$ | Power:n/a

Will send electric impulses to your finger,clearing a big portion of the picture.
Price:600$ | Power:n/a

If you find yourself stuck on a level and can't progress buy this upgrade to let you unlock the next one.
Price:650$ | Power:n/a

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