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Co-Op Update #01 - Sample rocket-blast clip + our new automated drones.

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Hi! We are IndiEire Games, a fully independent Irish game development company. We have a love and a passion for games and strive to make fun and challenging games for the players and learn as much as we can along the way.

Our new project is Co-Op which is a game about working together to survive and get the mission done. The game can be played by up to 4 players on PC with controllers only. The mission takes place on a large open world island with different areas like, City, Science Facility, Dock, Scrapyard and military areas. The objective is to find and rescue Dr. Eoin McAuley and his research. Your team consists of 4 members. 2 Human (1 male, 1 female) and 2 A.I military robots with unique personalities.The game has lots of weapons, lots of surprises and a lot of random acts of humanity such as, sneezing or falling at any time, technical glitches or malfunctions of your robot allies. Anything can happen and it’s gonna be a thrill ride adventure.


Are you a fan of famous Top Down Shooter titles games? Look no further, die-hard gamers, as the newest Top Down Open World Shooter, post-apocalypse is being born. With your best friends and the controller in your hands, this game is for you!!!

Our story this week- We're still hard at work creating our game demo. This week we had more assets created e.g. rocket-launcher (see our sample rocket-blast clips

our sample rocket-blast clip - Indie DB), Heli-Plane, Observation tower, Science Facility machines, Laser Turret and machine-guns.

Have a look at our clip of the player(he's still only a capsule) being chased by the automated drones.

Other members of the team are creating some funky UI elements and textures which we'll be uploading shortly.

Thank you very much for paying attention to our game Co-Op. Checkout the website and all our social media for regular updates and information:
Don't forget to give us a like if you want to hear more exciting things from us and tell us your favourite co op game and what you like about it...

Cheers guys!!!!

Meet us here:

Our website: IndiEireGames.Com

Twitter: @indieire_games
Facebook: Indieire

Instagram: indieire_games

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