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I've been hard at work polishing up RePete with some graphical updates and improvements, primarily some particle effects and glowing effects on the exit archway and forcefields.

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Howdy, everyone!

I've been working on polishing RePete, and the first thing to fix up was the forcefields. I've added generator brackets and a fancy pulsing glow effect that you would expect to see in a forcefield.


I've added a similar effect to the gem in the exit archway when the archway is activated by collecting enough gems. Finally, when RePete disappears, he now leaves behind some sparkling energy that quickly dissipates.

Please share this game with your friends so we can see RePete on Steam! And please share your ideas by commenting or sending me an email through this website!

Just so you don't forget, here's the link to RePete's Greenlight page: RePete on Greenlight.



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