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I have been working on adding a number of much-needed improvements to this project, including new audio (mainly) and various performance improvements.

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Good day internet citizens.

I have been working on some enhancements to this project the past few weeks. As it is supposed to be sound design project, I haven't made any efforts to add MASSIVE HORDES OF SLATHERING ZOMBIES or anything nearly as awesome as that. No. I've added the gentle, looping, creaking of wood on a windmill, and the hourly chiming of church bells...

Anyway, here's the current change log:



  • Reorganised audio files.
  • Removed ~250 unnecessary .RCDONE and .DAE files.
  • Updated the Workflow Diagrams, and added the Minster Phase Two diagram.


  • Music: Replaced sampled guitar in The Rolling Ocean of Green with real, recorded guitar.
  • Sound: Added sound effects to the New Mill.
  • Sound: Added Minster bell chimes on every hour.
  • Sound: Removed unrealistic 'sloshing' sounds near the river.


  • Randomised rotational velocity of the New Mill.
  • Removed vignetting in the upper corners of the screen.
  • Added scripted camera sequence upon loading.


  • Textures: Fixed missing normal map on the New Mill.
  • Models: Added a watermill, with associated audio and particle effects.
  • Models: Added two LOD versions of each of the twenty parts that make the Minster, to improve performance - reducing polygons from 148k at LOD0 through 121k at LOD1, to 64k at LOD2.
  • Models: Added an LOD version of each of the two parts that make the New Mill, to improve performance - reducing polygon from 11.5k at LOD0 to 9k at LOD1.
  • Models: Added new details to the Minster, and made refinements to improve performance.
  • Entities: Added bird particle effects.
  • Entities: Increased cloud movement speed.

Below are the updated Workflow Diagrams, including the Minster Phase Two one that (vaguely) explains the process of texture-mapping.

Workflow Diagram: Building the Minster: Phase OneWorkflow Diagram: Building the Minster: Phase Two
Workflow Diagram: Texture CreationWorkflow Diagram: Laying Out

Mark 'Calamity' Jones

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