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The end of our journey. Hopefully there will be people that make new horizons for us.

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art: Joshwattsart.deviantart.com

Hello guys! I think my job is done here. I will mark the mod as released so people will (hopefully) get these lazy asses out of the chair and check this page.

If you want to see why the mod got cancelled, go here: Moddb.com

As promised, I did everything. Katawa Shoujo GRID1, Pre-Alpha leaked version and the mod source files are all avaible in the download section: Moddb.com

Tutorials about how to mod, how to install a mod and managing your saves here: Moddb.com

Since I won't be following this page anymore, if you want help you can contact Lord Charus (creator of KSBH) ( Steamcommunity.com ) or the Katawa Shoujo Pre-Alpha Repair group.

I wish you all good luck! Goodbye!

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