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The wait is finally over. Use the launch discount and play today!

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Hello little goblins,
Years have passed, but the wait is finally over. Eat your bean soup, then run and jump through the new adventure ahead of us. Goblin and Coins II is out now!

Spooky secret level

Goblin and Coins II is a 2D pixel art platformer with a unique twist - after the player loses all lives and all continues, they end up in a challenging level called the Underworld, where they must assembly the Golden branch in order to resurrect with additional continues/lives.

Of course, the game can be made easier (or not - create your own challenge!) in many ways, including purchasing up to five upgrades in exchange for the collected coins (additional life, double jump, 99 continues, instant shrinking to gain access to crawl space tunnels, and seeing the invisible objects/levels) or using an "easier start" gameplay option in the settings menu.

Bonus 2: pet the doge

The game features 25 handcrafted story levels, 5 boss arenas, upgrade store (no microtransactions of any kind, just coins collected in the game/levels), the Underworld, and 5 hidden levels.

It supports English, Serbian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Greek, Ukrainian and German so far, with Turkish in the works.

Hidden level preview

Use the launch discount to start playing today, or if you already own Goblin and Coins (2016) you can get additional discount by using a complete the set bundle containing both games.

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