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The game is on the Greenlight concepts page, check it out for information and a new video!

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The game is now on the Steam Greenlight concepts page (not the actual Greenlight yet). So far development was looking pretty good so I decided to post it there for people to see and give feedback. Be sure to check it out when you have time, there's a new video that has game play of the current development build too!


Things I fixed recently:

  • If you move far enough from the scene of a quest event, it won't reset and skip the quest, it now saves all the players, monsters, objects that were included in the quest objectives, so that you have to come back and defeat the objectives to continue!
  • Going back to a planet was messed up before: it wouldn't reset your quest position, so it thought the first quest was where the last quest was from a different planet, so it would put the objective far away... but now it's fixed!

stuff to still fix:

  • The truly randomized planet Generantis doesn't seem to have a random map every time, it should be pretty easy to fix though.

    And of course adding the other stuff in the game is required before I can move to the new phases of development!

    Thanks for reading, don't forget to check out the steam concepts page for Generantis here:


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