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Your voice is important! So decide now, how the MOD should be continued, there're 3 possiblities!

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Your voice is important!
So decide now, how the MOD should be continued:

Every 30secs, 4 units will spawn: Predator, Conjurer, Summoner, Shaman.
And if the defender getting out theier castle, (mb through the secret path) and they are able to destroy for example the predator den, no preds are spawning any more. And if they manage to destroy the Lair the win. (But there're many towers around and its only with many players possible i think).

I make waves, so first wave 10-20 conjurer spawn, then mb 15summoner, 15shapeshifter...
And the players have no advantage if they destroy a building of the enemies...
But this gives mb more the defender feeling, don't know...

Players can join beast and human, they attackers (beast) get help from attacking npcs and the defenders have the wall, some start npcs, gate, secret path and catapult.
I'll remove some tower of the beasts and if the humans manage to destroy the lair they win (or survive mb 20-30 min) and the beasts if the destroy the stronghold within 30min.

In each possibiltie the wall will blow up after 5-10min and hellbourne-npcs will spawn for the beast side to attack the castle too.

Altair0 - - 91 comments

i would say number 2

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Eragom Author
Eragom - - 41 comments

yes i did this! :)

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