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According to the dates on here it's now been over a year since I last posted an update, so I'm pretty sure we're well over-due for some filling-in. Sorry it took so long.

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So, yeah. It's been a while, over a year according to the dates on here. I'd like to apologise for taking so long, and as a result here is a well over-due update.

Despite the fact that I haven't posted anything in ages the WAD is far from dead. In fact progress has increased over the last few weeks. Though in terms of canonical levels there have not been many new ones. We have, however, got a few new maps that are either secret or exclusive to certain difficulties; as I type this I am working on a level exclusive for the harder difficulties that will be between levels 7 and 8.

What has mainly been going on involves updating previous levels and tweaks to the game that were very much needed, in my opinion. Continuing from the last update level 13 has been finished, and we are now up to level 18 in normal progression, excluding the aforementioned secret and difficulty-dependent maps. Levels 5 and 8 have also had massive overhauls, making them look and play better, with more balanced difficulty. Eventually I intend to apply this same treatment to all levels up to level 9.

Also continuing from the last news update that 'expansive level' that I referred to and showed screenshots of has been finished, with the end result spanning three maps and being my personal favourite level to date. I've also changed the title screen and have many more changes planned that I shan't spoil here. I may upload some screenshots later down the line regarding these changes, however.

I'd like to thank everyone for the support so far, feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated. Given my track record I am not sure when I will next be posting an update or a screenshot on here, but bear with me please, something will happen eventually!

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