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This is a new overview of some changes we've made to Nin Online to improve the gameplay.

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"The long days are over, but we're still waiting on a half-portrait from Whispy.

Hi Ninjas,
This is going to be a feature-rich demonstration showcasing some of the changes we've made on the engine side as well as a side of Music.

Music and Sound
The game has had all its music revamped thanks to @[member="Afilion"]. We also have improved the sound volume of the interface to be quieter than the other sounds in the game such as animations and Jutsus.

We've fixed numerous issues with our emote system, improving the fluency of the animations and adding more features such as repeating and slower animating. @[member="Rory"] also has improved the heart emote and added a new one.


Interactions and Combat
There is no longer an attack animation such as kicking or swinging your weapon when interacting with an ally NPC or event. You now will only punch toward their direction.


You don't have to use control anymore to swing your weapon, kick, or even punch. It can all be done by the right mouse button. This works great with WASD, arrow keys, and mouse movement.

We've made improvements to the shop to display your current gear rather than a naked version of yourself only with what you are hovering over.

noCjEG6.gif LpP7bT0.gif

This is my first one, but it isn't my biggest one coming before Open Alpha 3. We've made many small changes to the game, this is just a cosmetic preview of the most significant changes that you will notice. Stay tuned for my big one in a few weeks!


Awesome, looking forward to future updates :)

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