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Game Production has begun, on the game provisionally titled Massive Mysterious Library, with the first model screenshots, and the complete main theme due to be posted on Sunday. Also, Carpe Diem has gained a second Non-Character Modeler, and a Character Modeler, expanding company membership to 8.

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We at Carpe Diem, are pleased to announce that production on our fist game, tentitively titled Massive Mysterious Library, has officially begun. Our Non-Character Modellers, have started work, and are busily in the provess of creating the first Non-Character Models for the game; our talented composer is putting the finishing touches on the main the theme of the game; and our newly recruited Character Modeller, has begun the task of accurately modelling Massive Mysterious Library's primary antagonist, Russian pseudo-monk, Rasputin. Both the screen shots of the first Non-Character Models, and the full game main theme, will be posted this Sunday, if everything runs to schedule.

In other news, the membership of Carpe Diem has grown to 8. Joining Project Leader and Lead Sound Designer Kingsley Buckley, and Assistant Non-Character Modeller Cameron Jones, both from Brisbane, Australia, Lead Character Animator Torrian Crawford, from Detroit, USA, Lead Programmer Imre Secodi, from Serbia, Lead Level Designer Matt, from the UK, and Lead Music Composer Matan Peleg, from Israel, are:

Giancarlo Biscotti - Lead Non-Character Modeller, from Sterzing, Italy

Orion Holmes - Lead Character Modeller, from Mexico

Both Ginacarlo, and Orion, are fully comitted to making Carpe Diem a success, and as mentioned previously, have already started work in their respective areas.

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