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Here you can read about enemies and abilities. !@#

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Hi there! Now, i can tell you about enemies and their abilities, first medieval set.
1. Peasant. Too weak, but very brave. Can cause bleeding by cutting the balls :]
2. Knight. Wears shield and can block ANY damage with 10% chance.
3. Archer. Can shoot arrows.
4. Commander Archer. Have a 25% chance to critical attack. Plus improves nearby Archers attack range.
5. Tamplier. Splash damage. Dangerous.
6. Bandit. Ignores all armor, hits 2 times in 1 turn.
7. Paladin. Have a 10% chance to block any damage (like a Knight) and can heal 1 ally.
8. Commander Paladin. Have a 20% chance to stun a hero and can heal all nearby allies.
9. Mage. Cast spells.
10. Dark Knight. Hellyeah AoE damage. Most dangerous enemy in the game (until next enemy set, ofc)

Thats all, folks! :]

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