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When we received word from Valve that our game had been Greenlit, we decided to improve the game until we felt comfortable to release it on Steam. This process took close to 7 months but the hard work paid off and we are proud to announce it's release scheduled for later today.

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Almost two years had passed since we released the free version of the game.
Then, to our surprise, in early 2016 we received word from Valve that the game had been Greenlit.

The first feeling I had was that of overwhelming excitement to be able to release a game on Steam. This feeling soon gave way to insecurity about what was essentially a free game and whether it was polished enough to be released on Steam.

We decided to add a lot of improvements like new maps, enemies, weapons and add a lot of spit and polish in general. A full list of the changes would span several pages, so instead let's have a look at the major ones:

- All co-op and single player maps play much faster and have specific goals
- Added "tower defense" maps
- Added "maze escape" map with trapped chests of various kinds
- A lot of new perks were added
- Permanent perks can now be obtained by completing maps
- New weapons were added e.g. the railgun, laser pistol and molotov cocktail
- You can shoot exploding barrels or kick them to roll into your enemies
- A rocket launcher and auto shotgun, which can also be used as sentries, were added
- Several new enemies were added (including bosses)
- Special effects were added and improved on
- Team deathmatch maps were added
- When npc's are knocked back they transfer the effect to others they bump into
- Acid burn can make you drop your weapon
- Effects like critical hits, dodging and fumbling are now clearly visible
- Dual wielding for two types of pistols
- Added ambient sound tracks
- Your clones will automatically use the turrets on some maps
- Your clones and allies will automatically fabricate copies of themselves on some maps
- Shopping trolley zombie picks up items and explodes, scattering grenades
- Arachnid bugs hatches from and lays eggs
- Tons of bugs were fixed

The game is now geared towards faster gameplay, more gore and a larger variety of maps, weapons and enemies. It remains a very challenging game and support multiplayer via LAN only due to the fast arcade action.

A wiki now exists: One-clone-left.wikia.com

For an updated video and screenshots, please have a look at our Steam store page: Store.steampowered.com

The game should be available later today.

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