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New gameplay video showing the current state of the game.

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Hi, sorry for the silence. The workload has been tough... but I have been quietly working hard on Galaxial over the past year. The project is still very much alive, and I have never come close to giving up on it! ...it is just ambitious for one developer, and is taking much longer than I thought it would. :?

Here is a video of me playing around with the galaxy generator settings, as well as some other gameplay.

(Click to enlarge images)

Colony interface screen for building facilities. Currently in the game there are:

  • Deep Space Tracking Station - for increased view range into adjacent starlanes
  • Entertainment Centre - for increasing population happiness
  • Financial Centre - for increasing credits income
  • Fleet Academy - for training crew for ships
  • Hydroponics - for planets lacking food production
  • Military Academy - for training troops for planetary invasions
  • Planetary Defence Centre - for increasing defence at planets
  • Refinery - for processing mined metals
  • Research Laboratory - for generating research data to spend on advanced items and projects
  • Shipyard - for building new ships

Empire influence blobs show the controlled territory for each faction on the galaxy map. I'm quite pleased with how these look now.

I made a number of loading screen and menu themes. I couldn't decide which one to use, so one is picked at random each time the game is run. It is also very simple to add your own.

Forums: Forums.galaxial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Galaxial
Twitter: twitter.com/stuart_morgan


Why won't you let me buy this!?

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Awesome! I'd thought the project was dead after the blog (www.galaxial.com) being so quiet. Its great to see an update again

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So beautiful....Great Work! My wallet is ready!

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Been following this for a while and love how it looks! I'd love to see more frequent updates!

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keep the good work friend, don't forget you are closer than ever, take your time we can wait!

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