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Post news RSS Galactempest is recently out for its initial release!

You can download it for free but donatable via PayPal.

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Hey there, guys! This is Axl Jet Baños, and I have an announcement regarding to the initial release of the fixed tube shooter game: Galactempest. After uploading the setup of this game on itch, Game Jolt, Clickteam's Click Store, and Indie DB, I uploaded a video on YouTube to show everyone the launch trailer with simple gameplay footages during the its initial release date. The initial release date of this game would be on March 20, 2023, and became available for PC at Game Jolt, itch, and Indie DB as a downloadable free-to-play title with a supportive donation feature, which allows people to support both the project and myself as its individual creator and designer via funding.

galactempest logo

Are you excited about the initial release of this game? Then let me explain this. For those who do not know what this game is all about. Galactempest is a fixed tube shooter video game that plays similar to the arcade shooter video games of the golden age, such as Space Invaders, Gyruss, and Tempest. In this launch trailer, it shows many footages of this game, which is planned for the Android mobile release, but the difference is that the PC version really does not have a horizontal joystick and a fire button at the bottom of the playable level unlike the Android/iOS version.

Galactempest 2023 03 17 21 28 32

So how this game works with this launch trailer? You can check the game out in our website and get it for free on either Game Jolt, itch, or here in Indie DB, but be sure not to forget to donate below the page by clicking the "back this project" button before it expires on November 20, 2023. Anyway, just enjoy the free and donatable game anytime you want!

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