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I figured I should probably make an *actual* list of what I plan to do for the next update, so here I go.

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- Turco-Venetian Liberia. Monrovia renamed to "Turcopolis". Venice had at one point owned a bit of Anatolia, and they had decided to deport some of the Turks to Liberia. A former Ottoman Sultan was kept in exile for awhile in Turcopolis, but that's probably just about the limit of its importance. Alter the Boer states in Africa, as well.

- Events for Egypt, as a rival to the Ottoman Empire. Having directly participated in its collapse, and due to their expansion into the Levant in the years following, they are in a prime position to prevent the revival of the Ottoman Empire, and stop the Turks for good. Maybe also make the Ottoman Empire not directly reformable, but rather, you can form it after forming Turkey if you meet certain conditions.

- Scandinavian-Prussian-Russian events - after the inconclusive events of the "Little War" (the Great Northern War in OTL), tension has only increased between Sweden and the other great powers. The outcome of this war will dictate the course of Europe for centuries, so it is only fitting to have events for it.

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