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PINHEAD (A Garry's Mod gamemode) FAQ. Please feel free to ask further questions.

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Why are the players/pinheads in boxer shorts? Is this some kind of daft gimmick?

-For centuries men have battled in their smalls/loincloths/undergarments, from Spartan warriors to Roman Gladiators to Ancient Sumo wrestlers to modern day boxers all have found comfort and additional agility in stripping down to the basics. We were also keen to keep recognition and communication between players as clear as possible, hence only one key unique personal item per player. At the moment you can purchase tattoos with in-game points/credits, this collection of addons for player avatars will grow in time.

What next?

-Driven by feedback we will expand the content for the gamemode to include more of what the players want (if there are any of course!)

Thanks for reading, we really appreciate any feedback / questions etc.

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