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Effing Dead has changed to The Body Changer... find what's going on, on this news!

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Hi people,
here we are again with the second part of the Big Update on Effing Dead.

The big update is... a new game.

We wrote about the new direction in the last news, but now we can officially say that Effing Dead new step is the evolution to a new game called The Body Changer.

The Body Changer - logo

The Body Changer is our new game that started from Effing Dead and, of course, has all its game mechanics + it is also in the same universe.
The differences are the new graphics style, completely new stages with more puzzles and the character control that made the game name ;) What is it about? Maybe you can find out by yourself if you look at the images...

EFFING DEAD major update 2 - W.I.P
EFFING DEAD major update 2 - W.I.P
EFFING DEAD major update 2 - W.I.P
EFFING DEAD major update 2 - W.I.P

If you liked Effing Dead or like survivals/action adventures you should be a "Watcher" on The Body Changer official IndieDb page. We think you will love it. :)

Another thing: Effing Dead is now called Effing Dead - the Broken Path because it is for us a.. broken path ;)
We want to “close” the current beta as it is and for the future… who knows. We love the game and maybe we will do more with it but, for now, we are focusing completely on The Body Changer.


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